How Is Cerakote Applied at Weapon Works

You may be wondering how Cerakote is applied at Weapon Works. Rest assured, the process is simple yet effective.

At Weapon Works, we follow a meticulous procedure to ensure your firearms receive the highest quality coating.

  • We thoroughly prepare the surface, removing any dirt or residue that could hinder the application.
  • We meticulously mask and tape off areas that should not be coated.
  • Next, our skilled technicians apply the Cerakote using our specialized techniques.
  • Afterward, the coating undergoes a curing and heat treatment process to ensure its durability.
  • Finally, our team conducts a thorough inspection to guarantee the coating meets our rigorous quality standards.

With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust Weapon Works to provide you with outstanding Cerakote application services.

Surface Preparation

To prepare the surface for Cerakote application at Weapon Works, you’ll need to thoroughly clean and degrease the firearm. This step is crucial to ensure proper adhesion and a flawless finish.

Start by disassembling the firearm and removing all the parts that can be separated. Use a high-quality degreaser and a soft brush to remove any dirt, oil, or residue from the surface. Pay close attention to hard-to-reach areas and crevices.

Rinse the firearm with warm water to remove any remaining degreaser. Dry it thoroughly using compressed air or a lint-free cloth. It’s important to remove all moisture to prevent any issues during the application process.

Once the firearm is clean and dry, it’s ready for the next step in the Cerakote application process.

Masking and Taping

Start by masking and taping the areas of the firearm that you don’t want to be coated with Cerakote. This step is crucial to ensure that only the desired parts of the weapon receive the coating. By carefully applying masking tape or using precision-cut masking materials, you can protect surfaces such as sights, barrels, and other delicate components from being coated.

It’s important to take your time during this process to ensure accurate application. Pay close attention to small details and edges to ensure a clean and professional finish. By properly masking and taping, you can achieve excellent results and maintain the integrity of the firearm while applying Cerakote.

Curing and Heat Treatment

Place the cured firearm in an oven for the recommended duration and temperature to complete the heat treatment process. This step is crucial to ensure that the Cerakote coating bonds effectively to the surface and achieves maximum durability.

The oven provides controlled heat, allowing the coating to cure properly and form a protective barrier. During this process, the firearm undergoes a chemical reaction that crosslinks the molecules in the Cerakote, resulting in a strong and resilient finish.

It’s important to follow the recommended temperature and duration guidelines provided by the manufacturer to avoid any potential issues such as over-curing or under-curing.

Once the heat treatment is complete, the firearm will be ready to withstand the rigors of use and provide long-lasting protection.

Final Inspection and Quality Assurance

To ensure quality and accuracy, meticulously inspect the firearm after the heat treatment process using precise measurements and visual examination. This final inspection and quality assurance step is essential in ensuring that the Cerakote application meets the highest standards.

During the inspection, every aspect of the firearm is thoroughly examined, including the coating thickness, color consistency, and overall finish. Precise measurements are taken to ensure that the coating meets the specified thickness requirements. Visual examination is also conducted to check for any imperfections, such as air bubbles or uneven application.

Any issues or discrepancies found during the inspection are immediately addressed and resolved. This meticulous process guarantees that each firearm leaving Weapon Works meets the highest quality standards and exceeds customer expectations.


So, there you have it – the process of applying Cerakote at Weapon Works.

From surface preparation to masking and taping, followed by the cerakote application process, curing, and heat treatment, all the way to the final inspection and quality assurance.

It’s a meticulous and thorough process that ensures a durable and high-quality finish on firearms.


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