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Group eCards: An Innovation In The Practice Of Sending Greeting Cards

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Group eCards

In our increasingly digital world, traditional greeting cards have evolved into their modern counterpart: already successful eCards. From these, group eCards seem to be unique in their manner of assembling similar feelings from diverse individuals and hence are usually preferred for commerce, departure, and any other occasions. Here, one looks at a number of features of Group eCards, including their history, advantages, and even how to design the best card.

The Original Form Of E-Cards & Their Gradual Development

eCards, otherwise known as electronic greeting cards, appeared in the late 1990s when the internet became more popular. The first eCards are rather minimal; they are usually just animations or pictures built in HTML, which are then emailed. Thus, as technology grew, the cards themselves became more and more comprehensive and interactive. Modern eCards can have flashing graphics, pre-recorded music, and even games, which makes an eCard much more interesting than an ordinary paper one.

Group eCards go a notch higher in that they encompass electronic cards whereby several people can contribute to the making of the card. This cohesiveness supplement augments a uniquely intimate and systematic feel, where the recipient feels very special.

That is why the Benefits of Group eCards are clearly defined, and there is no doubt that this is the best option.

  • Convenience: They also involve warm communication and can be completed within a short time, thus minimizing physicality, such as sending and delivering the post.
  • Collaboration: These cards compile several messages put in place by different people; they offer a more inclusive and diverse opinion.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Thus, the decision to use digital cards will help to minimize the usage of paper resources and, thus, the emissions of greenhouse gasses connected with the distribution of paper letters and envelopes.
  • Customization: In many platforms, different templates with highly personalized features make the designs very unique to reflect the occasion and the recipient.
  • Accessibility: The advantage of connectivity is that group eCards can comprise contributions from people in different parts of the globe; hence, assembling good wishes from your numerous buddies, relatives, or co-workers is much easier.

As mentioned earlier, creating a Group eCard is very simple. The following are the step-by-step procedures.

  • Choose a Platform: Some sites and applications, like Sendwishonline, are designed to send group eCards. The displayed applications include com, Kudoboard, and eCardWidget. Select the one that will meet most of your requirements regarding the features and templates to integrate.
  • Select a Template: Before choosing a template, decide on the type of event you are going to create it for: it may be a birthday, leaving, wedding, Christmas, etc.
  • Invite Contributors: Pass on the eCard link to all intended contributors. Depending on the platform, users can invite people using their e-mail or the invitation link.
  • Add Personal Messages: Every contributor is allowed to post their message, photographs, and sometimes even videos. To express themselves more, suggest that participants include characteristics of the recipient in the text.
  • Review and Finalize: In this stage, it is important to go through the card and reflect on whether any information is missing or if the card cohesively follows all the points represented in the documentation. Correct the writing if needed, but only make changes before the write-up is complete.
  • Send or Schedule Delivery: Depending on the chosen social networking platform, one can send the created card immediately or schedule it to be sent at a later date or time.

It may be a group of close friends or work colleagues, a family, a school group, or even a community-based group or society – these are the tips for creating and sending the best group eCard.

  • Personal Touches: Ask the contributors to write something about the recipient that might have happened yesterday or a long time ago. For this reason, the card receives even more significance.
  • Consistency in Tone: If the card is intended for a friendly audience, it is recommended that the messages be friendly and warm; however, if the card is going to be business or official, the messages should also be formal and professional, although it is always better to have some variety. For instance, if the card is for a farewell occasion, then all messages depicted on the card should be encouraging only.
  • Visual Appeal: As can be seen, the designed features on the existing platform must be exploited to the maximum. Insert pictures, select matching hues, and identify proper fonts that are appropriate for both easy reading and looking.
  • Proofread: Accredit that all messages are well written and do not contain grammatical errors and/or spelling mistakes. Clean card speaks a lot of the effort and hard work that has been accorded to it.
  • Timely Submission: Allow contributors enough time to contribute their messages. This is because they may take some time to decide what to write. This method may also reduce the quality of the card, mainly because of the last-minute rush.

Occasions On Which Group eCards Are Sent


If it is a birthday, send wishes from all aspects of that person’s life to family, friends, or co-workers.


 Most of them are suitable for writing a goodbye message to a colleague or a friend who is preparing to start a new journey.


Celebrate the season by reading messages from many writers, all encouraging the happiness of the season.


Celebrate major events with group messaging that lets all the special people in your life share the celebration.


If it is a new job, a promotion or any success story, then the group eCards are the perfect way to go.


Group eCards embody a beautiful mixture of classic and innovative tendencies, and they are all similar services. They include a creative and social approach to propagate emotions; thus, they are useful for different events. Although the company focuses on narrowing down the opportunities offered by digital technologies, group eCards manage to find their place between the conventional greeting cards and the new technology, online conferencing and poster spaces. Thus, the next time you think of an occasion that you wish to dedicate to someone special, you will know how effective and simple group ecards are and how much goodwill they mark.

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