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Who Was King Von & What Revealed In King Von Autopsy Report: Know Everything!

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King Von

King Von, born Dayvon Bennett, was a rising star in the rap industry, known for his raw storytelling and impactful lyrics. His promising career was tragically cut short in a violent incident outside an Atlanta nightclub in November 2020. This article delves into King Von’s life, the circumstances of his death, and the revelations from his autopsy report, providing a comprehensive overview of the events and their aftermath.

Who Was King Von?

King Von was born in Chicago, Illinois, on August 9, 1994. Growing up in the rough neighbourhoods of Chicago’s South Side, his early life was marked by adversity and violence. These experiences heavily influenced his music, where he candidly rapped about street life, struggles, and survival. His authenticity and lyrical prowess quickly garnered him a loyal fan base. He was associated with Lil Durk’s label, Only the Family, and was known for hits like “Crazy Story” and “Took Her to the O.

Rise To Fame

King Von’s career took off with the release of “Crazy Story” in 2018. His vivid storytelling and unique flow set him apart in the drill music scene. His debut studio album, “Grandson, Vol. 1,” released in 2019, further solidified his place in the industry. The follow-up album, “Levon James,” released in 2020, reached number 63 on the Billboard 200. His last album, “Welcome to O’Block,” released just a week before his death, peaked at number 5 on the Billboard 200, marking his most significant commercial success.

Controversies & Criticism

King Von’s life was fraught with legal troubles and controversies despite his musical success. He had been involved in several violent incidents and had multiple run-ins with the law. His criminal past and associations with gang activity often overshadowed his artistic achievements. Critics pointed out the glorification of violence in his lyrics, raising debates about the impact of such content on young listeners.

What Happened On The Night Of The Incident?

On the night of November 6, 2020, King Von was involved in an altercation outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta. The confrontation escalated into gunfire, resulting in King Von being shot multiple times. He was taken to a hospital in critical condition but succumbed to his injuries shortly after. The incident also led to the death of two other individuals and injuries to several others.

King Von Autopsy Report


The autopsy report revealed the brutal nature of King Von’s death. It detailed multiple gunshot wounds, specifying the locations and severity of each injury.

Cause Of Death

The primary cause of death was determined to be multiple gunshot wounds. The report indicated that King Von had been shot several times in the torso, causing fatal injuries.

Injuries Sustained

King Von sustained multiple gunshot wounds, including shots to the chest and back. The report detailed the trajectory and impact of each bullet, highlighting the violent nature of the incident. The severity of the injuries indicated that he had little chance of survival, given the circumstances.

Toxicology Report

The toxicology report revealed the presence of substances in King Von’s system. Marijuana and other substances were detected, but there was no indication that these contributed to his death. The findings primarily served to provide a complete picture of his state at the time of the incident.

Controversies Related To The Autopsy Report

The release of the autopsy report sparked several controversies. Some fans and public figures questioned the timing and manner of its release, suggesting it might have been intended to sway public opinion. Additionally, leaked photos of King Von’s autopsy caused outrage, with many deeming it a violation of privacy and respect.

What Course Police Followed?

Following the incident, the Atlanta Police Department conducted a thorough investigation. They reviewed surveillance footage, interviewed witnesses, and collected forensic evidence from the scene. Timothy Leeks, a member of rapper Quando Rondo’s crew, was arrested and charged with King Von’s murder. The investigation highlighted the chaotic nature of the altercation and the involvement of off-duty police officers who attempted to intervene.

Public Reaction: Impact On Fans

King Von’s death had a profound impact on his fans and the music community. His fans mourned the loss of a talented artist whose career was just beginning to flourish. The revelations from the autopsy report added to the grief, bringing to light the violent end he met. His death sparked conversations about violence in the rap industry and the need for better protection for artists.

In Summary

King Von’s life and career were tragically cut short by a violent altercation that ended in his untimely death. The autopsy report provided detailed insights into the cause and nature of his death, stirring various emotions among fans and the public. Despite the controversies surrounding his life and death, King Von’s legacy in the rap community remains significant, with his music continuing to resonate with many.


Who was King Von?

King Von, born Dayvon Bennett, was a Chicago-based rapper known for his raw storytelling and hits like “Crazy Story.”

What was the cause of King Von’s death?

King Von died from multiple gunshot wounds sustained during an altercation outside an Atlanta nightclub.

What did the autopsy report reveal?

The autopsy report detailed multiple gunshot wounds and confirmed the presence of substances like marijuana in his system.

What impact did King Von’s death have on his fans?

His death deeply affected his fans and the music community, sparking discussions about violence in the rap industry and artist safety.

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